The Outdoor Patio Canopy is All About Flexibility

When the weather is warm, there’s no place you’d rather be than outside. You love to cook, relax and live on your patio. But there are times the sun can be too hot, or the rain a little too wet for your liking. An outdoor patio canopy gives you the flexibility and the coverage you need to keep enjoying what you’re doing, regardless of the weather.

Everyday Use
Whether it’s sunny or rainy, you no longer have to worry. An outdoor patio canopy is built to be flexible and durable. Patio canopies are now made to be practical and stylish, not to mention easy to install. If you like spending time outside with your family and friends, it will be nice knowing that even rainy days are not an issue. Your canopy will provide shade from the hot sun as well as shelter from the rain. So no matter what activities you have planned, they will go on without a weather interruption.

You no longer need a professional to come to your home to put up your canopy or patio cover. With a do-it-yourself Click-N-Lock system, you can rest assured that the process of putting your outdoor patio canopy up will be safe and simple. With the unique Click-N-Lock system, there’s no need to climb on your roof. This system locks the glazing between the structure rods. That prevents water from getting somewhere you don’t want – specifically, anywhere near you under your canopy.

Small to Really Big
Since patios and coverage needs are so different, canopies come in a variety of sizes. And since everyone likes room to grow, EZ Link and extension module systems are perfect for your ever expanding outdoor living needs. Start small and then let your imagination go! There’s no limit to what you can do with canopies. Start with covering your patio and expand as you need to. Maybe you’re having a big get-together and need to cover more tables. Maybe you’re just expanding your patio and therefore want more canopy coverage. Whatever coverage you need or want, you can find a canopy or canopy system that fits those needs.

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