Can Instant Artificial Snow Be As Good As The Real Thing?

Think about it, what is actually good about real, natural snow? This is the snow that often comes with extremely cold weather and causes massive disruptions to most forms of transport. Additionally, think of all those dollars that are spent each and every year removing snow. Unless you are operating a ski resort, what is the attraction of real snow?

It’s Fun And It Looks “Nice”

Snow’s attraction goes back long before “White Christmas” became a perennial favorite seasonal song. Instant Artificial Snow gives us an opportunity to look at snow and even play in it without having to brave all the discomforts of winter in a cold part of the country.

It also gives access to snow to people living in the warmer parts of our country. Event organizers (even down to small birthday parties for young kids) can introduce novelty to their function by the use of instant artificial fake snow and businesses can use it as part of their Christmas promotions.

Photographers And Movie Makers

Professionals and amateurs alike may decide to set up a photo shoot or film a scene against a snow setting. Doing this with real snow will require them to go on location to a cold place where they can find the snowy conditions that they need. This can have drawbacks. First, there is the cost of getting everything to the right place (which might be a bit remote and difficult to get to in winter) and, then, the unreliability of weather conditions. Imagine the frustration of arriving at your chosen location only to find that the snow has not yet arrived there!

However, if you set the scene with Instant Artificial Snow, you can shoot it wherever you like – even indoors in a studio. Additionally, you will be in control of both the timetable and the budget of the entire project.

How Do You Make Your Snow Scene?

Instant Artificial Snow should not be confused with the snow makers that ski resorts use when there is a shortage of natural falls of snow. These machines do generate nearly natural snow but they are expensive and will only operate in sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures.

To cover an area with Instant Artificial Snow without a machine and at comfortable temperatures, all one needs is a bag of a special polymer based powder and some water. You simply add water to the powder and your realistic looking snow forms almost immediately and it will last a considerable time (even weeks under some conditions). Furthermore it is safe and can be easily disposed of without harm to the environment.

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