The Junkyard: An Environmentally Responsible Business

One of the major concerns in the world today is the environment. Unquestionably, we tend to live in a throw-away environment. As consumers, we purchase and throw away items at an alarming rate. The amount of trash we carelessly throw away includes cars. Many of which end up in a junkyard. In Phoenix, this may not be a bad thing.

Cars are brought every day into a Alma Imports junkyard in Phoenix. They may arrive from an auction by the truckload. The junk dealer or salvage yard owner may have purchased them in a block. On the other hand, any individual can drive in or tow his or her vehicle to a wrecking yard with the hopes of getting some cash for it. Whatever the source, such vehicles are about to become part of the recycling process.

Junkyard Recycling Statistics

Statistics on auto salvage yard recycling efforts across the United States yields some astonishing facts. A junkyard in Phoenix and elsewhere across the nation are responsible for the processing of about 10 million vehicles annually. They provide the nation, including those who recycle car parts in their business – contact Alma Imports for further information on this aspect – with a valuable service.

Consider these statistics and facts concerning automobile wreckers and recycling.

1. Salvage yards process approximately 10 million vehicles annually

2. A vehicle consists of recyclable materials such as steel, aluminum and plastic, to name a few materials. This content means junkyards are capable of recycling close to 75% of a vehicle

3. Wrecking yards save 11 million tons of steel each year

4. Junkyards can provide enough steel from these vehicles to manufacture approximately 13 million new vehicles.

5. In addition, salvage yards remove and resell or recycle 800,000 tons of nonferrous metals including Copper, Zinc and Lead

6. Before crushing vehicles, wrecking companies remove such things as Mercy switches. Between the years of 2006 and 2010, some 2,965,043 mercury switches were prevented from polluting the air and water

When it comes to recycling, wrecking companies are among the best and are certainly the most efficient.

Why a Junkyard in Phoenix is Environmentally Friendly

Junkyards rank high in the recycling business. While it suits their needs to save every salvageable bit, it is also part of a growing environmental awareness in the industry. If you contact Alma Imports and other comparable companies, you will find they, too, have becoming increasingly conscious of the need to reduce waste and recycle. For salvage yards, companies like Alma Import, individual people and the environment, the actions by wrecking yards is a winning one.

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