Keep Your Toilets Flushing Properly With Septic Repair in Des Moines Iowa

When you live in a rural area your only choice for sewage control is a septic system. A septic system consists of a tank to collect the waste and a series of field lines to leach the effluent into the soil. More advanced systems have chemical components and aeration treatments to improve their function, but the basics are a tank and field lines. Before a tank is placed in the soil you may have to have a test done performed. This is called a percolation test and is used to determine the ability of the soil to absorb moisture. It is necessary for proper septic design.

When your tank fails your first concern is for Septic Repair in Des Moines Iowa. Septic repair can consist of cleaning the tank or even the removal of contaminated soil. The solution will depend on how bad the tank has overflowed or where the problem is. Some septic failures occur when the leach lines get clogged. Field lines can get blocked for a variety of reasons. For example, someone could drive over the pipes and crush them or roots could grow through the drain holes and clog them up. Filed lines can be inspected using the same video equipment used to check for clogged sewer lines. Unfortunately, the contractor will need to remove the top to access the lines themselves.

You can often tell when your septic system is acting up because your toilets won’t flush properly. A sluggish drain is a sure indicator that a clog is present or the tank is full. If it seems like you are constantly plunging the toilet then the septic tank could be the problem. Most septic system need to be cleaned about every two to three years for best effect. The duration between cleaning will depend on the size of your system and the amount of usage the tank handles. In excessive situations you may need to consider a larger tank or a new system. If you find the tank filling more frequently it is a good idea to contact your septic experts. If you are in need of Septic Repair in Des Moines Iowa then click here to know more.

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