The Importance of Windows in your Home

Whether you live in a house, condo or apartment your windows play an important role in your home. Natural light is one of the most desirable features of a home for most people and from Park Slope Rental Apartments to old brownstones finding ways to optimize your natural light and take advantage of your windows is important to having a beautiful living space.

Natural Light

Natural light is desirable for a number of reasons. First and foremost it is by far the easiest on the eyes and lessens the need for harsher unnatural light. You can read by natural light, cook by natural light and handle most tasks with natural light. Natural light also provides you with a cheerier sense of openness in a home and lowers your electric bills substantially without the need for lamps during the peak hours of the day. Natural light also provides you with truer colors in your home and allows you to shave and apply makeup more effectively.

Interesting Feature

Windows can also offer an interesting feature especially in older homes, lofts and many Park Slope Rental Apartments. Tall windows, inset windows, windows with window seats and historical architecture all add character to an otherwise boring room. You can paint out window frames in black to add drama and impact or white for a lighter, airier feel. You an also enhance the appearance of boring windows by adding a thicker, more substantial window frame or build out a window sill to add a shelf for books, plants and other accessories.

Window Treatments

Windows also provide an area to add textiles into your space. Lovely drapes, textured blinds, shutters and any number of window treatments help add a finished look to any room. You can look for a layered look using blinds and/or sheers with heavier drapes or go for a more modern look with edgy printed graphic blinds. Larger windows can be dressed with innovative coverings available in automated versions worked with remote control. If you wish to bring in natural light but block out an unattractive view or add more privacy you can add window wallpaper directly to the glass in a number of textures such as rain drops, rice paper or frost.

As you can see your windows not only provide an excellent source of light but also add character, focal points and the perfect way to bring interesting fabrics and texture into a space.

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