Advantages and Disadvantages of the West Chelsea NYC Penthouse

Every apartment and condo building has a penthouse, which is usually the highest floor available and spans from one end to the other. There is usually a high demand for these living quarters in urban areas, such as West Chelsea NYC, because those who make a lot of money want the best luxury can purchase. There are many great advantages to considering an NYC penthouse, though there are a few minor drawbacks.


For those that want the utmost in luxury, the penthouse is definitely the way to go as they can enjoy a high status and contemporary lifestyle. You will also receive the best of everything, including space, great views and even your own private pool or Jacuzzi tub. Most West Chelsea NYC penthouses offer laundry services, private restaurants and even reservations to the best the area has to offer.

You are living in the heart of West Chelsea, so you have access to all the entertainment you could want. However, you also have a sense of peace and serenity because you are above all the hustle and bustle.

Most people who live in a penthouse are afforded with easier access to everything from schools, malls, restaurants and hotels. You are usually given first choice of whatever you wish, even if someone else has booked the seat or hotel you want. In most cases, this means that you are high up in the chain of command, which is considered the ultimate in luxury.

Because the penthouse is so spacious, you are allowed to live more comfortably than in most homes and definitely better than in condominiums or apartments. You may also have the best appliances, décor, windows, fireplaces, terraces and maybe even a private elevator or entrance.


Not every West Chelsea NYC penthouse will have these minor problems though you may find yourself suffering from them from time to time. For example, those penthouses that do not offer a penthouse elevator will be required to use the regular elevator for all guests, which could mean delays during peak hours. Most penthouse owners do not find this to be a problem and do enjoy conversing with the other tenants on the ride up to their home.

You will likely be isolated from the building, due to the fact that you will have no neighbors. However, this lifestyle usually fits penthouse owners and you are usually welcome in the common areas, should you choose to associate with them.


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