The Importance of STD Testing in Anderson, OH

Most people believe that more awareness needs to be created on the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs. STDs are being contracted and left untreated by many, which could lead to serious health issues. Health issues caused by untreated STDs, include cancer, blindness, infertility, and organ damage. Stigmatization placed on STDs and has lead some individuals to ignore the signs and symptoms of possible serious problems. However, sexually active people should always get tested, and always seek the help of the doctor when a sign of an STD is seen. Diagnostic testing can be used to determine an individual’s status. This testing is usually done in urgent medical care facilities.

Having multiple sex partners, beginning a new relationship, having sex without the use of condoms, unfaithfulness by either partner, and symptoms suggesting an STD infection are reasons a sexually active individual should get STD Testing in Anderson OH. A doctor’s knowledge of a patient’s sexual history could determine what test to be conducted. A patient could be tested for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), hepatitis B, syphilis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

It is important for patients to request for STD testing from their doctors or visit an urgent care facility right away if any of those diseases are suspected. As a result of the government’s use of disease tracking to improve public health, doctors reserve the legal right to report positive results of patients with notifiable diseases to the government. Tests such as at-home tests and internet tests are not always reliable but can be used as an early detection method.

People seeking STD Testing in Anderson OH from an urgent care facility should be honest with the care provider before the test is administered. It should be brought to the doctor’s attention if the patient has engaged in anal sex, as standard methods of testing don’t detect all anal STDs. In urgent care facilities, STD tests are administered in a variety of ways, including urine tests, blood tests, physical examinations, and swabs. However, urine and blood tests have been found not to be as accurate as the other forms of testing.

Sexually active individuals are strongly advised to consult a doctor if they believe they have an STD or if they believe they are at risk of developing STDs. People can find testing and guidance from centers like Eastside Urgent Care, and for more information they can just Click here.

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