The Importance of Intelligent Mail

As a business that runs on the backbone of the postal industry, you might find some tools and utilities useful if not entirely necessary to perform your chosen roles. One of these many tools is Intelligent Mail Barcode management or IMB for short. IMB software solutions are a primary method of processing mail for the post office and are used by businesses both large and small to create labeling following the strict barcode guidelines outlined by the United States Postal System. This office software package will make creating your mailers and outgoing parcels and packages much easier to set up and get prepared for mailing.

Intelligent Mail Benefits for Your Company

Postnet and Planet codes have been combined into a single solitary code that will be used by all mailers as of 2014. This software will contribute to fully automating you mailing processes and will allow for discounts because of it with the post office. This can be of a great benefit to your company for the purposes of saving on postage and making your mailroom or offices much more efficient and speedy. An additional benefit of these tools is they can be used to set up printing of barcodes directly on to mailers to save time and money. It will allow for the simple process of printing the names, addresses and codes all from one source onto your outgoing items so you can process hundreds if not thousands at a time.

Other Benefits of These Programs

Many programs offer up a method of maintaining and updating databases directly and in conjunction with the USPS address lists. This allows for a constant update of zip code and zip+4 codes as well as all of your customers current addresses, as last known. Many other features are also available such as tracking and shipment controls that will allow you to keep to date with where your mailings are and when they are delivered to your customers and clients. It will append and keep your mail systems running smoothly and will allow seamless access between your data and the updated data available from the Post Offices.

These tools and utilities can be of a great use to any company both large and small who uses the post as a primary method of communicating directly with their consumer base. If you do not use any kind of software along these lines and you are running back and forth to the postbox, then you should consider picking this up.

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