The Importance of Digital Mammograms by Physicians in Levelland

Covenant Hospital of Levelland can help with breast cancer imagining and diagnosis. Breast cancer is unlike any other cancer as it can often be diagnosed and felt at a physical or home examination. However, usually by this point it is in its later stages and much harder to treat and recover from. To overcome breast cancer early detect is imperative. This is why it is vital for women to have scheduled breast exams and a digital mammogram done by Physicians in Levelland.

A digital mammogram is an imaging test that can find breast tissue irregularities by utilizing low level radiation. After the age of 40, mammograms should be performed every few years. This new digital mammogram is much more sensitive than older ones that use X-rays and provide film results. This is because breast tissue is extremely dense, and it is difficult for an X-ray waves to properly penetrate and receive accurate results. Also the low levels of radiation contained in digital mammograms, do not pose the same cancer risks as previous higher doses.

Another benefit of digital over film, is that since it is a digital picture it allows for modification of the image. This is helpful when an image is not clear. The image can be darkened or lightened, as needed, as well as magnified or made sharper. In addition, since these images can be stored in a computer system not only does it save space, but allows quicker access to test results. When dealing with cancer, time of the essence to receive the quickest treatment possible. Computerized images allow doctors to share information in the click of a button. Advancements in technology can help save lives and decrease the time it takes to get treatment. As a result of these medical advancements, fewer death due to breast cancer have been seen. The one negative of this new imagining is the expense, due to the cost of equipment. This results in many women having insufficient access to this new testing. Hopefully, in the future the cost of testing will decrease. Although, digital mammograms are expensive this drawback is negated by the amount of lives saved because of early detection and treatment.



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