Five Ways to Improve your Chances of Gaining Custody

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Lawyers

Child custody cases can be tough on everyone, least of all your kids. Nobody wants to put the family under extra stress, but sometimes you just know that they would be better off with you! Here are five ways to improve your chances of being granted custody.

#1. Hire a good lawyer

Hiring the services of a child custody attorney in Gilbertsville, PA is the best way to ensure you’re represented in a positive light. The lawyer can offer advice and support throughout this difficult time and give you the legal guidance you need.

#2. Create a safe and secure environment

If your children don’t already live with you, now is the perfect time to spend some time making sure your home environment is perfect for kids. Make sure you choose a house or apartment close to their school, shops and healthcare facilities, and that you have enough room for them. Decorate a room specifically for them and ensure they feel safe and happy staying there.

#3. Get a job

You need to be able to provide for your kids, so if you don’t already have a job, or have one which doesn’t pay that well, child custody experts in Gilbertsville, PA, won’t look upon you favorably. Likewise, make sure you’re not working every hour of the day and night, as you need to be there for your children.

#4 Mix-up your schedule

If you work long hours, now might be the time to cut back and work part-time, or switch your shifts so that you only work during the day. If you want to be your children’s custodial parent, you need to show that you have available time to support and guide them as they grow up, which you can’t do if you’re working every second of every day!

#5. Be the favorite

We’re not suggesting any underhand tactics here, but judges place a lot of weight on the preferences of the child as to which parent they would rather stay with. Chances are, if you’re the favorite, your home is going to win out in the end!

There’s no foolproof way to win a child custody case, but by implementing the above steps, you can greatly improve your chances of gaining sole or even joint custody of your children.

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