The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Body Art

One of the considered rites of passage of many young men (and some women, too) is getting their first tattoo. A tattoo is a unique form of self-identification for sure, but the person going for his or her tattoo should ensure to get a job professionally done. This is especially true if getting the first one. Because getting a tattoo is such a permanent decision, whoever is getting one needs to know the good, the bad and the ugly around getting one.

To being with, a tattoo is more than just pricking the skin with needles and getting a “tough guy” inking in your skin. Tattooing is considered Body Art. With this in mind, people getting them these days are doing more than just passing some sort of ritual or initiation process. It is an opportunity for artistic expression. However, there are other variables that come along this “artistic expression.”

The good things about getting a tattoo include not only the opportunity for self-expression, but also a positive way to commemorate an event or a special person in your life, a way to do something that will cause you to stand out in the crowd, and they can help to hide unsightly scars. Some of the bad things you might experience in getting tattoos are the stigma that is sometimes associated with tattoos may keep you from getting certain types of jobs, and the fact that some degree of health risks come with tattoos. The ugly where tattoos are concerned is the permanency of the Body Art. The tattoo writing may be spelled wrong, the artwork may be inferior, and because needles are used, there is a great risk of being infected, just as you would with any other needle puncturing. This is why it is crucial to work with a professional when you are getting your body art done.

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