What constitutes personal injury?

Although there are a host of things that comprise personal injury in essence it is not difficult to understand. If you were to be injured physically or mentally and the injury was directly caused by someone or something’s negligence, then you have suffered a personal injury. When this happens the injured party will call upon a personal injury attorney in Alpharetta to represent their interests.

The injury does not have been intentional but the law is very clear when it states that in the event you do sustain injury due to negligence you have the right to sue for compensation. There are many examples of personal injury but the bulk of them are the result of vehicle accidents, slips and falls and accidents related to one’s employment. In cases where the injuries resulted from a physical attack or attacks by dogs can also be considered personal injury.

What is a personal injury suit?

When charges are brought against the person deemed negligent in civil court, this constitutes the personal injury lawsuit under tort law. It is not necessary for the negligent party to be a real person; the defendant can just as easy be the local government if the injury is the result of tripping on a broken sidewalk or if you were injured at your place of employment when you used a machine that was defective or unguarded. You can also sue a medical facility if it appears that there was medical malpractice evident. As long as the common denominator is negligence then you are advised to contact a personal injury attorney in Alpharetta to discuss the details of your potential case. This is extremely important, you will want to give the attorney all the details that led up to the injury during your initial conference, the attorney is the individual best suited to determine if you have a valid case or not.

Should I hire a personal injury attorney?

If you believe the injuries you sustained were caused by negligence and you believe compensation is due then your best bet is to hire a personal injury attorney. You may think you are in a position to represent yourself but the truth is, you are not. If you do represent yourself rather than hire a seasoned attorney you can almost be assured that the award you are granted will be far less than what you would get if the facts were presented to the court by a skilled attorney. The defendant will use all legal recourse available to him or her to dispute your claim, if you go it alone the defendant’s attorney will have an absolute field day with you due to your lack of knowledge in law.

If you have suffered injury, either physical or mental then you can sue the negligent party for compensation. If you need a personal injury attorney in Alpharetta who understands the difficulties you will be facing then you are invited to contact The Millard Law Firm.

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