The Future of Android Application Development

Android and iOS are far and away the two biggest players in the realm of mobile operating systems, but the tech landscape is constantly changing. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that Blackberry was the undisputed king of mobile devices. Only time will tell what the next major market changes will be and how Android application development will have to adjust, but we can make some educated guesses.

New Competition

Backed by corporate titan Google, Android currently dominates the mobile device market alongside Apple’s iOS. Still, the marketplace for mobile devices is shifting faster than any one device or OS can control. If the right combination of device and OS comes along, it could change everything for the Android application industry.

Currently, Windows Phone is taking a bite out of the mobile market share, mostly from Android. However, new contenders such as Nokia’s Sailfish and Mozilla’a Firefox OS still have yet to demonstrate just how much they’ll resonate with customers. Android application developers will need to monitor these new operating systems and see what advantages or new ideas they bring to the table.

While consumers generally like to have choices, a new proliferation of non-compatible devices could result in market fragmentation and cause the smaller players to cannibalize each other. If that’s the case, then Android application development will likely be a safe harbor in the storm.

New Opportunities

Google’s stated goal of organizing all the world’s information sometimes doesn’t shine through in the latest silly noise or flashlight app, but mobile devices are beginning to be surrounded with other wired products, each with their own set of controls and data sets. To organize the information generated by these items (whether in the form of additional mobile screens, wearable technology, or wired appliances and door locks) is to find a way to organize all the information in one person’s world. Application developers for Android need to anticipate these new devices and the ways they will be able to integrate them into the Android platform.

As these new technologies become more common and more intertwined with our daily lives, businesses will be searching for Android applications to develop cohesive communication with all of our gadgets. Whoever finds a way to allow a single device to be the cornerstone for consumers’ digital lives – a sort of ‘universal remote’ for the world – will be in a prime position for the next wave of tech innovation.

Android application development will continue to be on the frontline of mobile technology for the foreseeable future. But as new devices emerge and new operating systems arrive, it’s important for businesses to search out the best possible development teams to make sure that they and their customers aren’t left behind during the next wave of tech innovation.

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