The EGO Cartomizer Offers Convenient Style

A refillable cartomizer is a tough decision for the e-cig user familiar with disposable cartridges. However, there are several advantages to making the switch and, with the EGO cartomizer, e-cig users get a sleek looking unit which is simple and quick to refill with whichever flavor happens to be a favorite at the time. Learn more about how this piece works and what makes its style professional and discreet.

Refilling the EGO Cartomizer

Many types of refillable electronic cigarette setups require removing a cone or atomizer from a tank or cartridge, filling up the empty space with liquid, priming the coil or atomizer with a few extra drops, and putting the unit back together. Often, this process can be messy especially for a user on the go and if it isn’t done right then the unit won’t work. This cartomizer works differently because the coil is attached to the unit. The user fills the area around it with liquid, replaces the cap and screws on the battery in order to continue enjoying. The process in this case is easy for even a novice user to complete without worry that the unit won’t after refilling.

Finish The Look of Your Electronic Cigarette

When a user finds the perfect delivery system, their electronic cigarette comes with them everywhere. This means it needs to be discreet, look professional, fit in a purse or pocket without disrupting style. The Ego e-cig cartomizer finishes off the look of a unit with sleek precision. The executive’s breast pocket or the designer purse of a jet setting entrepreneur, along with many others, are places where this unit will belong. The look blends in and gives the user a comfort and discreet option for personal vaporizing.

Carry Multiple Flavors with Ease

The EGO cartomizer’s easy filling system and compact design make it easy to bring along more than one flavor in case the user would like to switch throughout the day. Instead of carrying around multiple bottles of liquid for different uses or flavors, fill several cartomizers with the liquids or oils to be used and, voila! Multiple cartomizers don’t take up the same space as bottles that may be very large and even the smaller ones can still be cumbersome. EGO gives the user more control in this matter and holds enough liquid to last all day.

Enjoy a Simple Solution

Searching for the right cartomizer can become very frustrating. There’s a lot of information out there in product reviews, discussion forums, and all kinds of other outlets. The electronic cigarette is still a bit of a novelty to some people but for many it is an important tool for their health. is the simple solution for any user’s search. Find out how you can start enjoying an EGO cartomizer for your unit today and get the convenience and style that you desire.

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