Preparing To Move Your Office

If you have to move your office, you need to talk to and hire the best possible office moving services. In College Park MD this requires you also do some pre-moving preparation work. Preparation is the major key to making certain the move comes off smoothly. Preparation makes certain that you have everything and everyone ready for the big moving day. Preparation also ensures that the move is inclusive with nothing forgotten.

What to Do Before the Office Moving Services Come

Long before the moving day, before the office moving services step through the front door, it is important to make sure everyone and everything is ready for the move. Prepare a checklist to guide you and your management crew through the process. Make sure the checklist contains the following:

* Timeframe: Make certain you have put into place a timeframe for the move.

* Communicate: Make sure all employees knows about the move and when it is to take place

* Inform: Let all clients wo may be affected know about the move and any potential issues that may affect them

* Prepare a Task List: Put together a basic task list

* Assign: Assign employees to specific tasks that they are best suited for and can handle. Never try to do everything yourself

* Involve: Involve all affected employees in the move. Not only should you assign them tasks, you should also make certain they are aware of dates, the location of their new offices and what to expect during the move

* Determine: Ahead of time, make certain you know what machines are to be sent ahead first and where they are to go. This is critical if the office moving services are to perform their job efficiently, effectively, correctly and timely

* Contact Providers: Make sure you have arranged to have all old services e.g. gas, internet, postal, courier, telephone etc. terminated on one date and turned on for another

* Book Specialists: If you require specialists for some equipment take down and set-up, be sure to arrange it well in advance

* Pack in a Timely Fashion: Make sure everything is packed on time. Set up a schedule and put someone responsible in charge of making sure the dates are met. Make certain he or she knows how to pack and is capable of purchasing the right packing material to handle the various types of items

* Label: make certain that everything is properly and appropriately labeled. This means everything from boxes and computers to furniture

Office Moving Services

Office moving services in College Park MD can make the entire moving experience a pleasant one. It cannot happen, however, without the entire office co-operating. Having someone in charge of the matter – an office moving manager, will facilitate matters. To see what you can do to help make everything go smoothly, talk to the company you have hired. They are sure to offer some suggestions that will work to help you and your office employees.

When it comes to selecting capable and responsible Office Moving Services in College Park MD consider Integrated Moving Systems Inc. (IMS). To learn more about what we can do for you.

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