The Best Patios in Tulsa Combine Hardscaping with Landscaping for Stunning Results

In many cases, landscaping and hardscaping must work together to produce the perfect results. Therefore, companies like BA Lawn & Landscaping often take care of both aspects of an outdoor renovation job. Patios in Tulsa provide the perfect example of this sort of synergy. They have hard aspects, such as a stone or tile-covered area, which are surrounded by professional plantings that complete the picture.

There are many possibilities for the patio itself. Upgrading from the basic tile or stone floor will allow you to turn this outdoor area from a basic spot into an outdoor paradise. Add a good grill or even a full-on outdoor kitchen to make cooking outside the centerpiece of the patio experience. An outdoor kitchen includes waterproof versions of appliances that are often thought of as being indoor-only. You can easily add an oven or a refrigerator if money is no object.

Adding a bar to your patio is often similar to putting in an outdoor kitchen. You can have a bar counter, fridge or ice freezer, and even a lockable liquor cabinet.

For those who don’t intend to do much actual cooking or drink-mixing outside, adding a fireplace or firepit is a great idea. This will provide a wonderfully-relaxing way to add heat and light to the patio. If your patio is large enough, you can have the best of both worlds by putting in both a kitchen and a firepit.

Getting perfect results with patios in Tulsa requires more than simply adding fancy accouterments to the patio itself. You also need excellent landscaping around these areas. This ensures that the beauty doesn’t end at the patio tiles and invites people to step off of the patio to enjoy the yard. Low shrubs at the sides of the patio will help mark the area without getting in the way of your strolling pleasure. In front, a few short flowers will offset the border well – but be sure to leave a swath of plain grass so that you can walk out without fear of stepping on something important. If you’d like shrubs tall enough to provide privacy, plant them around the edges of the yard instead of around the patio. This will keep the shrubs from growing into your way or needing constant pruning.

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