How to Spot Dishonest Plumbing Company Jacksonville FL

For the most part, hiring a plumbing company Jacksonville FL guarantees a good service. Plumbing is not cheap, but you can be sure that a dishonest plumber will cost you a lot more. You may be better off knowing how to spot a dishonest plumber when you see one. The first it is in the quotation process. If any plumber tries to give you a quote without physically coming to your home to perform an inspection, you will need to think twice. It is only possible to provide a quote after a full physical inspection has been performed. Also, do not accept anything short of a detailed written estimate.
Another tell-tale sign of a dishonest plumber is the use of verbal contracts. These plumbers know that such a contract does not hold up in court, which is why they use them. If your plumber refuses to put the plumbing costs in writing, then you might have a problem on your hands. A legitimate plumbing company would never offer verbal contracts, but rather give you a detailed estimate in writing. In addition to this, any plumber that tries to scare you into making expensive upgrades should be looked at carefully. If your plumber begins to talk about catastrophic damages and lawsuits, it may be time to seek a second opinion before making any decision.
Any major changes made mid-contract should also be looked at with suspicion. It is true that some unforeseen changes can be made as work progresses, but this is rarely ever anything major. It is possible that the plumber is trying to pull one over on you, isn’t sure about what they are doing exactly, or may be way in over their head with the job. This is why it is important to ask for credentials, identification and where applicable, licensing. Any plumber that is unable or unwilling to produce these vital documents may be a dishonest.
Lastly, anyone that asks you to pay under the table or only in cash may be up to no good. A credible plumbing company in Jacksonville FL will have a number of payment options to cater for their customers’ needs. To avoid these problems and more, hire a credible and certified plumbing company in Jacksonville FL. American Plumbing Contractors INC is one such company, guaranteed to give you the professional service that you need. Visit today!

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