The Benefits of Tin Ceiling Installation Brooklyn NY

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Construction & Maintenance

The architectural concept of the tin ceiling has been around since the Victorian Era. It came about as an alternative to the expensive plaster work on ceilings used for homes in Europe that only the wealthy could afford. The tin metal ceilings provided a way for the middle class to enjoy the same decorative element in their homes. Over the years, this element became less popular due to the introduction of cookie-cutter housing developments. Today, Tin Ceiling Installation Brooklyn NY has become a popular decorative element again. Almost anyone can have a beautiful, artsy, tin ceiling for their home or business. The following will provide you with the benefits of this ceiling design. Visit website for more information.

1. Long-lasting materials – One of the things that make this kind of ceiling solution appealing to homeowners is the fact that they last so long. Unless there are structural problems in a house or building, they are life-long ceilings.

2. No maintenance – This ceiling is virtually maintenance free with only a little dusting and occasional cleaning to keep it looking like new.

3. No rust – The old tin ceilings were prone to rusting because they did not have the materials and coatings used in today’s tin ceilings.

4. Versatile – Any home design can benefit from this ceiling option. They come in brass plated, solid copper, stainless steel, and chrome-plated materials in custom or white finishes. The patterns come in finishes like Colonial, Gothic, Art Deco, Victorian, and standard tin.

5. Soundproofing – Another lesser known benefit of tin ceilings is that they provide a way to absorb more sound. The tiles make your house or structure quieter and more peaceful.

6. Cornices – Not only can you have this architectural element for your ceilings, but for your trim to match your ceilings. Cornices are elements of crown molding that adds extra decorative elegance to the tin ceiling design.

These benefits and components of tin ceilings help you create your dream home. You get to add elegance, sophistication, and unique features to your home without spending a fortune. Since these tiles are easy to install, it doesn’t take long for them to complete the project. The length of time it takes is mostly determined by the size of the structure. If you are interested in adding the tin ceiling architectural element to your home, Abingdon Construction has the products and installation services to help you achieve your dream ceilings.

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