Advantages of cat 5 Ethernet cable

Cat 5 is a network cable standard for Ethernet use; it is the fifth generation of this Ethernet cable and is by far the most popular twisted pair cables in use in the computer industry.

Cat 5 Ethernet cable is made up of eight wires, they are twisted into four pairs and the cable supports a data transfer speed of up to 100 Mbps which is considered “fast Ethernet”. All twisted pair cable which is made to conform with EIA/TIA specs have run lengths limited to 100 meters (328 feet).

Twisted pair cable is used extensively in computer, telephone and television installations, when data transfer is the goal, Cat 5 cables have a number of advantages over other cable.


Cat 5 Ethernet cable when compared to other types of data transfer cable has the distinct advantage of low cost, compared to other cables it is approximately 40 percent less expensive so it is a favorite for network installations. Another reason why Cat 5 cable is inexpensive is the fact that less cable needs to be used because four signals can be transferred simultaneously resulting in less cable when the devices are close together.


Some cables that carry signals can only carry one at a time, when Cat 5 cable is employed; up to four signals can be transmitted all at the same time. With this capability data can be transferred and downloaded much quicker. With Cat 5 cable a network runs faster and signals can be sent at the same time to different locations and devices.


Cat 5 Ethernet cables are extremely easy to install. The cables can be purchased in bulk and the connectors can be field assembled or fixed lengths can be purchased which already have the connectors attached. The connectors look very much like a large version of a phone jack and there are inexpensive and simple to use tools to crimp the individual conductors to the connector.


Cat 5 cables are applicable to a number of technologies and apparatus. They are very popular in the TV and broadcasting industry as well as computer networking. The cable can just as easy transfer audio or video signals as it can transmit data, these cables can even be used for telephone purposes.


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