The Benefits of Installing Granite Countertops in Minneapolis Homes

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Home Improvement

When you decide to upgrade your home’s countertops, you will need to choose from dozens of different materials. Although every one has its pro’s and con’s, the most popular counter material is still granite. It is not always the least expensive option, but remains a first choice for many because it offers benefits that include:

* BEAUTY: Granite is created from large slabs, and each contains beautiful, random patterns and colors. Before your countertops are built, you will select your own slabs. Professionals, such as Granite Unlimited Inc., can turn these pieces of stone into counters that provide the appearance of a unique design. The countertops add an elegant touch to your home, and their good looks will endure for years.

* ADDED VALUE: Installing granite

* Countertops in Minneapolis

* homes instantly adds value, and makes them easier to resell. That is because granite is extremely durable, and resists scratching, staining, and scorching. Surfaces are also germ resistant. It is possible to repair damaged granite. Many people consider granite countertops a luxury upgrade, which can make your home more appealing.

* EASY MAINTENANCE: Granite is ideal for kitchen and bathroom Countertops in Minneapolis homes because it cleans up easily with warm soapy water. Countertops cannot be deep-cleaned with acidic products; however, many homeowners keep surfaces spotless with safe professional or homemade products. Although countertops are typically sealed when they are installed, time and improper cleaning can weaken this protection. Granite can be re-sealed, which prevents stains from seeping into the porous stone.

* UNIQUE DECORATING OPTIONS: Since no two pieces of granite are alike, you can easily customize rooms with the stone. It is ideal when you want one-of-a-kind bars, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, cabinetry, and more. The large variety of colors and patterns make it easy to match to any decorating theme. In addition, granite edges can be added, to provide interest.

The simplest way to add beauty to your home is to install granite countertops and elements. The natural stone can be cut to fit almost any need, and comes in patterns and colors to suit a variety of tastes. Granite also adds instant elegance and value.

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