Relieve Stress and Pain With Foot Reflexology Therapists in Honolulu HI

The feet are probably the hardest working part of the body. The feet support the body all day long. You walk and run with them. You often wear shoes that look great, but, cause your feet to ache. Painful and sore feet are a problem for many people. A good foot massage can relieve much of this pain and stress. There is evidence that shows a proper foot massage can give other benefits, as well. It can be beneficial to circulation and the nervous system. Foot Reflexology Therapists Honolulu HI are trained to give a very beneficial foot massage.

Over the past century, medical research has shown the benefits a simple massage can give. In the 1890s, evidence arose showing a relationship between the skin and internal organs. There were studies to show how the nervous system responded to stimuli. There was strong evidence that showed pressure applied to certain spots of the body can trigger muscle contractions and changes in blood pressure. These medical breakthroughs led to the belief that certain nerves and pressure points in the feet can affect different parts of your body. Specific charts to this effect have been developed to identify the specific areas of the foot that relate to particular parts of the body. By massaging these specific areas, it is said it can help ease the pain and issues in the specific organs. Although the specific correlation has not be proven definitively, there has been much evidence showing great benefits of a foot massage.

The proven benefits of a foot message include improved circulation. Gravity and pressure can cause fluids to build up in the feet. Proper massage of the feet can free this fluid, helping it to return to circulation. Muscle tension and foot pain is also proven to be relieved by a well performed message. Another definite benefit of a foot massage is stress relief. Studies have proven that physical and psychological stress can cause issues with many aspects of the body. It can even compromise the immune system. Foot Reflexology Therapists Honolulu HI are trained to provide a very relaxing and stress relieving treatment to your feet. This in turn indirectly helps every part of the body. By improving circulation, and relieving pain and stress, many of these issues are truly helped.

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