The basics of ruptured disc treatment

A ruptured disc is a very painful injury that can be caused by a myriad of different situations. Regardless of the cause, the most important concern for an individual affected by this condition is to seek ruptured disc treatment as soon as possible. Treatment can be had by receiving care from a local chiropractic office where this and other treatment modalities are provided. At a chiropractic treatment center, individuals suffering from a ruptured disc can find the pain relief they are seeking and they can obtain the care they need.

What is a ruptured disc?

A disc is comprised of the annulus fibrosus which is the tough outer portion of the disc and the nucleus pulposus which is the softer inner portion of the disc. Cracks or tears in the outer portion cause the softer gelatinous like interior to bulge out pressing against the nerves. Ruptured disc treatment can work to reposition the interior portion so that the disc can heal properly. Treatment is not instantaneous but it can be very effective when performed by a competent chiropractor over time.

Chiropractic care

There are different ways in which a ruptured disc can be treated. These include surgical methods as well as non invasive chiropractic techniques. One of the ways in which treatment is provided is through spinal adjustments. The chiropractor makes adjustments in the spine which help to ease the symptoms of the ruptured disc. An entire treatment plan will be created by the chiropractor and carried out over an extended period of time so as to treat the condition gradually and effectively.

Customized treatment plans

Since every patient’s ruptured disc will vary in type. location, and severity, a customized treatment plan must be fully developed. The chiropractor will perform a physical exam and also do an intake questionnaire to ascertain details about the patient’s health history as well as the details about their injury. After this initial session, the chiropractor will begin a series of treatments to remedy the ruptured disc.

It is important to begin care for a ruptured disc as soon as possible in order to fasten the healing process. Only a doctor or chiropractor should be the one to administer treatment for the safety of the patient. In addition, a chiropractor can provide the comprehensive diagnosis that is needed to begin a treatment program.

At Kapsner Chiropractic, care is provided to patients who have experienced a ruptured disc or other related problems. Contact Kapsner Chiropractic to schedule a consultation by calling the nearest location or visit the website or their Facebook page.

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