That’s A Great Paint Job. You Really Should Protect It!

Congratulations on your new car! It’s a beautiful color and the paint is so shiny. Car experts say you should wax your car to preserve the layer of clear protectant above the paint job. There are many things that can do harm to or mar your paint job and waxing is a something you can do in order to protect that like new shine.

What Happens If I Don’t Wax My Car?

Several things happen:

The shine will dim

Oxidation will happen

The sun will damage the paint job

Acid in the rain will pit the paint job

Washing the car with hard water will pit the paint job

Tree sap, bugs, and dirt will damage the paint

How fast and how much these issues happen to your paint depends on whether you park your car inside or on the street or a driveway.

Experts on car wax in Sacramento can provide professional quality products that give your car the layer of protection that your car deserves. It’s recommended that you wax your car twice a year for maximum protection.

Benefits Of Waxing A Car

Just keeping dirt and bugs away from your paint job isn’t all will do for your car. Benefits also include:

It will keep your car looking like new. Have you ever seen a car that looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor, even though it’s several years old? It’s been waxed regularly by a car wax Sacramento professional.

It prevents paint repair. Someone keys your car or the neighborhood cats use it as a playground. Waxing your car regularly prevents these things can reduce the damage or keep it from affecting your paint job.

Protect your investment in your vehicle. Don’t allow that beautiful paint to suffer the ravages of sun, dirt, and oxidation.

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