That Big Landscaping Job Done Right

Richmond Virginia is known for having large parks and vast estates. With so much opportunity for large landscaping projects, you’ll need the right tools for the job. In this article I want to talk about the big tools, namely the forestry and tree trucks. These are the big boys, large trucks for large projects. So what kinds of trucks are available and what can they handle? How can owning forestry and tree trucks improve my revenue? Are these massive tools safe to operate?

There are a few specialized trucks out there in different sizes to meet all of your landscaping needs. You have your chippers and your stump grinders, always needed to process that extra wood that comes from large landscaping jobs. There’s the bucket truck for any job that you need to get off the ground for, everything from picking fruits to pruning trees. Then you have the grapple boom truck, think claw machine meets garbage truck, the perfect tool for picking up logs and other debris and loading them right up onto the truck. All of these trucks come in different sizes and some even come in a combination.

So there are some good specialized trucks out there, but how is that going to increase a company’s revenue? The answer to that is speed. When you can drive right up to where you will be working, flip a switch, and be ready to work with almost no setup required; that’s efficiency. Take the grapple boom truck for instance… your guy drives to the debris, uses the grapple boom to load it all in the truck and then drives off. It takes one or two men half the time it would have taken five or six guys to do the same job. Not to mention that those two guys are still ready to work.

Alright, these trucks are efficient and powerful, but are they safe to operate? Every one of these trucks is regulated by DOT, the Department of Transportation, with strict safety laws. In general, they are as safe (if not safer) as the tools and procedures they would be replacing. For instance, bucket trucks are much safer than ladders. Like in any job, having the right tool built for the job will always be the best and safest way to accomplish the work.

When it comes to landscaping, you need big tools to tackle those big jobs. If you’re looking to buy any of the forestry and tree trucks in Richmond Virginia, I found a site that has them available online, They have these specialty trucks available to rent for when you only have one or two big jobs. With so many different options out there, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be using the best tool for the job.

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