Teeth Whitening in Dubuque Can Greatly Enhance Your Smile

If you want to enhance your aesthetic appeal, try Teeth Whitening in Dubuque. This dental process whitens teeth using chemical agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. You can successfully use home-based products, in-office treatments, or products purchased from a qualified dental practice such as Lundell and Hoy Dentistry to bleach teeth. This will allow you to have teeth more uniform and attractive in appearance.

Each tooth is comprised of both dentin, enamel, and other tissues. Dentin is the inner layer and enamel is the outer layer that protects the tooth. When a person eats, drinks, or puts substances in his mouth, the result is a pellicle layer containing the foreign material put into the mouth that forms over the enamel. Sometimes, a dentist can clean away some of this matter using scraping and chemical treatments. A person can also floss and brush his teeth to try to rid the mouth of this material.

However, as the foreign matter stays on teeth for prolonged periods of time, the enamel of teeth is weakened by these substances penetrating into this protective layer of teeth. Some materials causing this to occur are tea, coffee, tobacco, and wine. Certain medications such as tetracycline can also cause teeth to stain. This results in harmless, but unsightly stains.

Teeth Whitening in Dubuque is most effective when used by dental patients with unrestored teeth. If a person opts for dental treatments conducted by a dentist or a dental hygientst, he will have a safe bleaching agent gently placed in his teeth after a protective barrier is placed over his gums. Sometimes, a dental professional will use a high-intensity light to increase the effectiveness of the bleaching agent. A person can also purchase a cost-friendly product in the form of a toothpaste, strip, gel, or rinse that helps teeth get back to their natural shade and lighter.

Teeth Whitening in Dubuque is a response to people’s quest for that perfect “Hollywood” smile. While no smile is perfect, you can have one that is whiter so you can greet the world with a grin you are proud of.

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