Dingy Smile? A Teeth Whitening Procedure in Chicago, IL Can Brighten It

People want a smile that is filled with bright and white teeth. This allows them to make a good first impression on everyone they meet. Co-workers and friends may assume that a person isn’t caring for their teeth if they are dingy and yellow. That’s generally not the case. Regular brushing and flossing often can’t erase years of coffee drinking or smoking. However, just one two-hour visit can brighten teeth up to eight shades. Dentist Saul Legator DDS uses the latest Teeth Whitening in Chicago, IL techniques to restore a person’s bright smile.

Patients sometimes fear that a teeth whitening treatment will be harsh and uncomfortable. Dr. Legator’s staff always puts patient comfort first. Tooth enamel is checked prior to any whitening treatment. The dentist can adjust the amount of chemicals used for very porous teeth. Patients may also be told to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth for several days prior to treatment. Many teeth whitening products contain substances that will strengthen enamel. This will make it more stain resistant.

When the patient arrives for their Teeth Whitening in Chicago, IL procedure, then dentist will thoroughly clean their teeth. This allows the bleaching chemicals to efficiently adhere to the entire surface of the tooth. Because it could irritate gums, the dentist applies a protective coating to the gumline. The whitening gel is then applied to the surface of the tooth. A special light or safe laser is used to activate the chemicals. After about 15 minutes, the dentist wipes the gel away and inspects the effectiveness of the treatment. He then applies another coat of whiting gel. This step can be repeated three or four times based on the tooth discoloration.

When the procedure is complete, the patient will be surprised at how bright their smile is. Teeth become yellow over a long period of time, so people get used to a dull smile. Many dentists take a before and after picture so patients can appreciate the transformation. The dentist will also give the patient instructions so that they can keep their teeth as white as possible. If patients follow these, the effects of the whitening procedure should last about two years.

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