Teeth Whitening by Dentists in Plainfield

When looking for a Dentist Plainfield be sure to check out which in-office whitening procedures they offer. There are several options available and one is sure to meet your needs. Once you have chosen your dentist and decided which procedure to have done you will have to go through a few preliminary steps. The dentist at Piscataway Family Dental will likely start by giving you a prophylactic cleaning to be sure there is no plaque or debris in the way of the whitening treatment.

After your cleaning your Dentist Plainfield will perform an examination. He or she will be looking for severe tooth decay, cracks or gum irritation that could be made worse by using bleach. If you have any of these problems your whitening procedure will likely be postponed until your issues have been resolved. If you are able to get the procedure done the dentist may take pictures of your teeth to have something to compare your results to.

Most treatments will consist of a basic procedure. The dentist will insert a device to keep your teeth exposed, and will then coat your gums with a protectant so the bleach doesn’t hurt them. The dentist will then apply bleaching gel for 15-30 minutes and then suction it off. They will then apply another layer for about the same amount of time. With some treatments they dentist may shine a bright light on the teeth to accelerate the whitening.

Some brand name treatments are available for use at your dentist’s office. BriteSmile is known for being gentle and uses the above-mentioned lightening gel. The gel is infused with glycerin and water so your teeth stay hydrated. The gel is applied for three 20-minute intervals. When the gel is on bright light is used to accelerate the process.

Opalescence Boost uses a stronger gel and no lights, and the gel is sticky. Sapphire Professional Whitening uses a peroxide gel and an extra ingredient that reduces teeth sensitivity. A special light is used with the gel. Zoom Chairside Whitening is basically the same as the other options but an at-home gel is sent home for touch-ups and includes custom trays. Lastly, Deep Bleaching is a two-step process involving custom fitted trays and a bleaching mixture. The second step involves polishing the teeth so more oxygen can get in. This also helps to desensitize the teeth.

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