Understanding Auto Insurance

There are all types of insurance available in the Huntsville, AL area, but one of the most important for you to have is auto insurance. By making sure you have auto insurance in Huntsville, AL, you can save hundreds, probably even thousands of dollars in the case of an automobile accident. Before you get auto insurance in Huntsville, AL, however, make sure that you are fully understanding what it means to have this type of insurance.

Basic Info About Auto Insurance

At its most basic level, auto insurance is a type of insurance policy that will protect you from damage to others by you and your vehicle or from damage done to you or your vehicle from others. There are different types of policies available and these policies will determine the amount you are covered for. All auto insurance policies will have something associated with them known as a premium. This is simply the amount that you pay to have an auto insurance coverage in Huntsville, AL through a certain company. Premiums vary by company, policy and a number of different factors including age, gender and even by the type of car you drive and where you live. Even your gender can have an impact on your car insurance premium as men are more likely to get into an accident than women.

More Info About Auto Insurance

If you understand all of that, you will probably also understand the deductable. This is a part of all auto insurance policies as well. The deductable is the amount of money you will have to pay due to an accident. For example, if your deductible is $500 and you get into an accident where you caused $4000 in damage, you only have to pay that $500 out of pocket. Your insurance company will pay the rest.

There are also different types of auto insurance coverage. Your agent will be able to get into the details of these, but you will see liability insurance, for instance. This covers you in the event the accident is caused by negligence…most are. Another type of auto insurance coverage is known as collision insurance. This is the money that will repair or replace a vehicle. Finally, you will also see comprehensive coverage for your car. This covers things like hail, wind damage or other things that are not caused by an actual collision. Earnest Jordan Insurance Agency in Huntsville AL provides affordable coverage for any mode of transportation to fulfill your auto insurance needs.

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