St. Louis Laundry Service Offers Old-School Cloth Diaper Cleaning

Most people under the age of fifty now don’t remember cloth diapers. These diapers were made of cotton or linen, and once soiled, would sit in a bucket of water and bleach until it came time to wash them. Mothers would scrub these and wash with soap before hanging them on a clothesline to dry. They definitely were not the most hygienic things to have in your home, but they didn’t ruin the environment like disposable diapers of the modern era.

Strangely enough, cloth diapers are making a comeback. As they do, services like a

local laundry service in St. Louis, MO, are starting to offer cloth diaper cleaning services. If you live in a bigger city like St. Louis, you will have no problem locating a local laundry service in St. Louis, MO, or another major city that offers cloth diaper service. Here’s what that service entails.

Pail the Dirty Diapers as Usual and Schedule a Delivery

Nasty as it seems, you still have to pail the dirty diapers. It helps to rinse them free of most fecal matter if you can, and then leave them to soak in bucket of bleach and water. The buckets are picked up by the laundry service according to your scheduled and contracted service days. Some laundry services will provide you with buckets to collect the soiled diapers and then provide you with a clean, disinfected bucket upon pickup of soiled diapers.

Pay for Your Service in Advance

You keep the smell and the unsanitary situation in your home at a minimum by paying for your diaper cleaning in advance. Contact Simply Clean Laundry Service for more information.

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