Periodontitis: Can a Dentist in West Point, GA Treat You Successfully?

It is quite possible that the word “periodontitis” is not in your list of priority concerns. But understanding what this disease exactly is and how to prevent it is important because of the serious consequences it has for the health of your mouth. Did you know that once gingivitis progresses and becomes periodontitis, gum disease becomes irreversible? It can be stopped, in most cases, but improper treatment produces irreversible damage. That is why you should see a reputable Dentist West Point, GA.

What is Periodontitis?

Stated very simply, periodontitis is a disease that affects the structures surrounding the tooth and what holds it (gums, bone, periodontal ligaments, etc.). The bacteria attacks the tissues, causing inflammation and destruction. Gums recede and the jawbone disappears up to a point where the tooth starts moving and it finally falls. Periodontitis ensues when gingivitis progresses to a more advanced and serious stage of the disease. Since gingivitis and periodontitis share similar symptoms, early diagnosis is key to preventing disease progression.

What causes periodontitis?

Although some personal constraints (certain diseases, habits, genetics, etc.) favor the development of the disease, periodontitis usually appears because of dental hygiene bad habits (improper use of the toothbrush and floss). These poor hygiene issues cause bacteria in the mouth to multiply and begin to affect the bone and tissues that are below the gum line. As plaque builds up and begins to produce toxins, your body starts a chronic inflammation process. This chronic inflammatory response gradually destroys the gums and bone that holds the tooth.

The gingival sulcus becomes deeper and deeper, forming periodontal pockets where more plaque bacteria and food debris accumulates. As the disease progresses, the patient is often unaware of the damage that is occurring because symptoms can be quite tenuous. The destruction of tissue, together with loss of bone supporting the teeth are permanent. Seeing a Periodontitis West Point, GA is a must at this point.

If you suffer from advanced periodontitis it is very possible that your dentist will refer you to a periodontist. These professionals specialize in periodontal disease and work in coordination with your dentist to stop the progression of the disease. They will treat the different types, especially aggressive or advanced periodontal pathologies which can occur.

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