Situations in Which to Call for Mold Remediation in CT

Mold is a scary problem to uncover. It indicates that a health hazard has invaded the home. This hazard is known to affect the respiratory system and can compromise immune systems. While small areas can be successfully cleaned, these situations will result in the need to call in for remediation.

If anyone in the household is already having respiratory issues or has severe allergies, call for mold remediation in CT. Cleaning up mold in the normal way may cause the release of spores into the rest of the household. This can lead to exposure of spores to those who are already having problems. The air return system in the home will transport the spores around the home. Because the remediation team establishes a negative air pressure in the area, the spores remain contained to the particular space.

A long time leak that has resulted in mold growth is another reason to call for remediation. In this case, the mold has likely spread and is hiding in areas behind the wall. This means that the problem is more widespread than is visually indicated. Even the discovery process of taking off the drywall will cause the release of spores. The remediation can safely evaluate how far the mold has spread and treat the problem.

If mold is uncovered during the demolition of a kitchen or bathroom, it is time to call for the mold remediation in CT. Because the moisture content is so high in these rooms, mold will spread rapidly. The chaos of demolition will disturb the spores. Regular paper masks will not physically stop the spores from entering the respiratory system. While effective at keeping at some dust, mold spores are very small. The remediation team will utilize fully enclosed respiratory equipment when working in the space.

Mold growth can occur rapidly when given the right conditions. Cleanup should not be attempted if there are family members who are already allergic to mold. This is because the spores can be released into the ventilation system. Long term leakage and discoveries in high humidity rooms can hide the amount of mold that is present. Visit AA Asbestos Abatement LLC if help is needed to remove mold in the home.

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