Simple Steps to Maintain Your Air Conditioning and Heating in St Louis

You Air Conditioning And Heating St Louis represents a significant investment that you have made in your home, and one that can pay off by serving you well with the perfect indoor temperature for decades to come, provided you schedule regular maintenance and yearly professional inspections. A unit that is not well maintained loses about five percent of it’s efficiency each year, which means that your unit is not only costing you money yearly in electricity, but it will cost you thousands of dollars for a replacement sooner than is necessary.

It is not difficult to perform regular maintenance on your system for Air Conditioning And Heating St Louis. Although there are many situations that require a professional, but here are three simple maintenance tasks that any home owner can perform.

#1- Make sure your outdoor unit is not clogged with leaves or other debris.

The unit is designed to pull air in from the atmosphere, filter it, and pump it into your home. If there is a build up of debris, leaves, or over grown vegetation, your unit will not function the way that it should. This can cause you short term problems by raising your bill for Air Conditioning And Heating St Louis, but can also wear out the components for your unit.

#2- Change your filters regularly.

Although some experts advise that you change your air filters at least every three months, the ideal scheduled replacement is once every month. These filters can be purchased at almost any store for a few dollars, and can make the difference between a functioning Air Conditioning And Heating St Louis, or a system that is malfunctioning.

#3- Cleaning the air supply and return.

The air return is the large vent or vents in which you replace the air filters. When you change the filter, be sure and remove the grate and clean it thoroughly. Check the air supply (or the air vents in each room) and be sure that these are free from debris and obstruction. A blockage or obstruction in either of these can cause your unit to work over time and can cause long term, serious damage to your Air Conditioning And Heating In St Louis.

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