Missing A Tooth? Dental Implants in Butler, PA are a Good Solution

People are judged by the quality of their smile. Sparkling clean teeth send off a signal of success in American culture. Therefore, many people are devastated when the dentist tells them that one of their teeth needs to be pulled out. At first they are afraid of the pain, then they might worry about cost. Eventually they will come to the realization that there is going to be a big hole in their smile. If the tooth is in the front of their mouth, they may be worried that it will send the wrong message to people. However, they should realize that Dental Implants Butler PA can be inserted that will look just as good as the original tooth.

Today most dentists tell the patient immediately that a dental implant can be used to replace the tooth. It takes several weeks for the gum and jaw bone to completely heal after a tooth extraction. Then the dentist can take a titanium implant and insert it into the jaw bone. This implant acts just like a new tooth root. It also performs the useful function of keeping the jaw bone strong. Once a tooth has been pulled out, the jaw looses density and mass in that area, because it has nothing to do. The implant gives it a new purpose.

That’s a major improvement over the traditional three-tooth permanent bridge. Two porcelain crowns are placed over the teeth adjacent to hole left by the tooth. The hole is filled in with a crown that is attached to the other two. It looks great, but it does nothing to keep the jaw strong. It also requires that the two adjacent teeth be ground down for the crown fitting. While Dental Implants Butler PA can be cleaned just like a regular tooth, a bridge requires special flossing.

Dental Implants Butler PA insertions can also help denture wearers. The implants are placed in the jaw and topped with metal balls instead of porcelain crowns. The dentures have slots that can snap on tops of these balls. This prevents the dentures from slipping or falling out. It makes it easier for the denture wearer to eat and gives them more confidence.


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