Signs Of Eating Disorders In Los Angeles

Most teens and even young adults are very careful about hiding the signs of eating disorders. They understand that the rapid weight loss, or sudden changes in weight, will be noticed by parents and family members, so they often go to great lengths to cover up these changes. Understanding the signs of eating disorders in Los Angeles is important for everyone.

While eating disorders are identified by dramatic changes in weight, there are other more subtle but just as telling issues for families to understand. Often by the time significant weight loss is noted or determined to be unhealthy, medical issues and other mental health issues may already be present. Keep in mind weight loss is most commonly associated with anorexia, while weight variations and even weight gain are often associated with bulimia and binge eating disorder.

Body Image Issues

Often the earliest sign of eating disorders in Los Angeles is inaccurate body image issues. This is true for boys as well as girls who seem to be fixated or obsessed with body fat, body shape, physical fitness or muscle development and definition in the body that is inappropriate for their developmental state.

Teens may constantly compare their body shape, their diet, or their level of fitness to adults, celebrities, or those the teen sees as an image of a perfect body. Comments about body shape or size will be distorted, with teens often hearing negativity even in otherwise very positive and complimentary comments by parents and others.

Public Food Consumption

A red flag for parents to watch out for is teens that suddenly avoid being seen eating in public. This can include making excuses to not go with the family to eat or ordering food but then not eating it, rather just moving it around on the plate to give the appearance of eating.

Many teens struggling with eating disorders in Los Angeles do the same at home. They will avoid being home at mealtimes or make excuses why they can’t eat with the family.

Obsessive Exercising

While being fit and developing healthy exercise habits as a young person is important, obsessive exercising and very intensive routines that are designed to burn off more calories than the limited amount consumed are a key sign of eating disorders in Los Angeles. This relates back to the body image issue as well as to the desire to purge the body of all calories taken in, often through extremely punishing workouts.

If you see these early signs of eating disorders in Los Angeles, get help for your teen. Early intervention is not only important for your child’s mental health; it is also essential for good physical health for life.

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