Should you Renovate your Home or Move?

Sometimes a family looks at their home and feels it is not quite meeting their needs any more. They maybe do not have enough washrooms, wish they had an eat in kitchen or are finding their living space feels cramped or dark. It is easy to feel you have outgrown your home and many families feel their only option is to move. Yet if you are feeling you need a new home but love your neighborhood and schools the thought of moving can seem too difficult. Home remodeling in Florida Keys FL is always an option that can give you the best of both worlds. Here are a few things to think about to help you decide if you move or renovate.

Consider Money

You will need money for both a move and a remodel so a good place to start might be to have a discussion with your bank. You can find out how much money remains on your mortgage, how much money they would be willing to lend you for renovations and even consider a home equity loan that will allow you to continue paying your mortgage and the cost of remodelling together so it doesn’t affect your monthly budget.

Family Meeting

Remember your kids have a life invested in your home as well. Consider speaking to them if they are old enough and discuss your options. Often the idea of a move can be quite overwhelming to kids who will have to change schools and leave friends, sports teams and of course their home. You can even ask for input into changes they think would make your home more liveable with the home remodelling Florida Keys FL contractors have to offer.

Assess Your Property

You want to speak to a real estate agent for two reasons. First you want to get an assessment of your property and second you want to get input as to the level of remodelling you should do so you do not put in more money than the value of your home in relation to the neighborhood.

Get a Quote

If it seems things are leaning towards remodelling, speak to a contractor and get a quote. Have a dream list and then get a quote for the entire job. You can then consider the amount of money available, the advice of your real estate agent and what it would take to keep you in your home to decide whether or not a remodel will work.

Island Marine Contractors have been providing home remodelling Florida Keys FL families require for many years.

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