Should You Consider Professional or DIY Teeth Whitening in Findlay, OH?

While losing weight, clearing up acne and removing blackheads can make you look and feel better, the easiest and quickest way to look new and different is to whiten your teeth. However, most Findlay, OH residents are quite confused with all the different options available and wonder whether it is even worth it. While there are many over-the-counter teeth whitening agents, you can also go directly to your dentist for professional whitening. Drawbacks and benefits can be found with both options.

OTC Options

There are many teeth whitening options over the counter and they are usually less expensive than going to the dentist. However, they can take up to three times as long to work as well as the dental options and some will never whiten as much as a dentist could do in the office.

The benefits of these options are that they are very convenient and inexpensive. Many times, you can place a strip on your teeth and immediately go out and do your errands or go to work because they look nearly invisible when on the teeth.

However, one drawback is that you are placing the bleaching agent directly on your own teeth. Most people read the packaging and directions and still use them incorrectly, which could cause sensitivity to your teeth and burns on the gums, as the bleach isn’t to be placed on the gums.

Another drawback is that OTC versions do not have a very strong solution, meaning you must use them longer to get the same or similar effects as a professional could provide. Because many people use them incorrectly, manufacturers tend to use very little of the bleaching agent to cut back on the problems people may incur.

Professional Options

Most people don’t realize that their dentist can perform teeth whitening in the Findlay, OH office. For those that are on the go but don’t want to try OTC options, there is even a Zoom whitening option that a dentist mixes up and that the patient uses in their own home.

The benefits of teeth whitening by a professional is that you will have longer lasting results and offer a safer whitening option. You will be using professional grade bleaching agents that can only be used by dental professionals, so you will get whiter teeth in less time.

The one drawback is that professional options are usually more expensive.

Teeth whitening in Findlay, OH is always best done by a professional. Click here to know more.

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