Services Offered by an A/C Contractor in Corona CA

A house is only as comfortable to live in as the HVAC system that has been installed in it. AC is especially important in places that experience extreme temperatures through the year. To have reliable and efficient air conditioning in the home at all times, you need to think about hiring an A/C Contractor in Corona CA for the installation, the maintenance and the repair of the units.

The installation process

You need to make sure that you have the right A/C installed in the home. Here are some of the common types of A/Cs available in the market.

* Split air conditioners: These are conditioners that have the three basic components. These are the compressor, expansion valve and condenser unit. One section of this unit will be placed in the home while the other one will be facing outside. They consume about 2 to 8 KW electricity and are therefore ideal for small to medium size rooms.

* Central Air Conditioner Units: This is the type of AC that is ideal for huge rooms with many occupants. The units draw in air from the return ducts, cool it and release it into the room while at the same time aiding the removal of the hot air in the room.

* Packaged air conditioners: These are made for bigger spaces than the split air conditioners. The only way in which they differ from the central conditioners is that their compressors are water cooled. Also, these AC types are very quiet when operating.

* Rooftop AC units: This type of unit is installed at the rooftop. It receives air through either a vertical or horizontal component. The outdoor space will contain a compressor and refrigerant.

The maintenance

Proper maintenance of an AC system lengthens its life. Routine maintenance by an A/C Contractor in Corona CA includes cleaning the filters or changing them if they are temporary. The process will also include checking the compressor and condenser units to make sure that there are no ice particles accumulating there. In case there are problems with any part of the unit, the AC expert will help with repairs.

These are the things that you need to know about HVAC unit and hiring an A/C Contractor in Corona CA. For further details about HVAC maintenance, go to


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