Getting difficult stains out of a carpet

It can be very tiring trying to get difficult stains and nasty odors out of the carpet but if it is done correctly it can be easy to have your carpet looking and smelling good again. Minneapolis carpet cleaners can get deep inside the carpet, pulling out dust and dirt that normally vacuuming can’t touch. If the carpet you are cleaning is in the office then you should consider having it done every six months or so as an office sees considerable traffic. If the carpets are in the house cleaning them every 12-18 months is usually sufficient as there is limited traffic but you still must consider pets and kids, they may make more frequent cleaning a must.

There are a few different methods used by Minneapolis carpet cleaners; dry powder, foam, shampoo or steam cleaning. It doesn’t matter which method you are considering but it is a good idea to test it first on a section of carpet which is not visible, perhaps in a closet; you want to make sure the carpet is not damaged or change color. Look into the cost of the common methods that are employed and make sure that the area which is being cleaned can be kept free of traffic to give it plenty of time to dry.

Drying time is not an issue with a dry powder cleaning; the carpet can be walked on right away. This method only requires that the powder be sprinkled on the carpet and worked in and then vacuumed. This is the least effective method but it does make the room smell much fresher.

Foam carpet cleaning is good for removing spot stains such as coffee, red wine or pet accidents. This is quite an effective method for small areas but less efficient when cleaning the carpets in a whole room.

Shampooing the carpet is a method used by some professional cleaning companies. What is most important with shampooing is that the carpet is not over watered that can lead to mold and mildew. This method is quite time consuming due to the drying time and it is a good idea to move the furniture from the room until the carpet is completely dry.

Steam cleaning is by far the most effective and efficient way to clean any carpet. The high pressure steam removes stains, odors and ground in dirt, this is removed immediately with a high powered vacuum so that drying time is kept to a minimum.
Tracked in dirt and grime can result in excessive wear and tear on your carpets. If you are looking for the best Minneapolis carpet cleaners you are invited to call Steamatic of the Twin Cities.

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