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by | Oct 25, 2013 | Lawyers

There are many services offered by Long Island Divorce Mediators and they include child support, legal separation issues, family mediation, pensions and QDROs, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial help and many other issues that come about in the course of divorce. The process of completely separating two people who have shared many interests for some time is not always easy and that is why lawyers have to help when necessary.

Child Support and Custody

When two parents decide to go their separate ways, the kids face major problems because in many cases, they do not know where to go. Deciding on the best partner to stay with the kids is not often an easy choice. Children usually do not even have the wisdom to decide between either of the parents. Divorce Mediation & Family Services Divorce Mediators help in looking at the legal aspects in such situations and to make sure that the kids get the best possible treatment throughout the matter.

Legal Separation Support

Although the decision to separate is often a personal one between the two partners, there are many legal aspects that need further clarification to make the separation legal. In case there are any interests that they have together, it is important to draft regulations on how the same will process after the separation. At times, both parents cannot agree on the best way forward and that is how a third-party in the form of Divorce Mediation and Family Services on Long Island is important.

Handling of Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial agreements

The most common problem that many couples face with property division is actually as a result of having overlooked certain precautions during their engagement and marriage. To avoid wrangles involving who owns what part of your properties, it is advisable to draft a pre-nuptial agreement in which you spell out exactly what everyone owns and anything that you will own jointly. That way, dividing the property at separation is easier and faster.

Post-nuptial agreements are also important. Although some people may look at it as a sign of bad faith or lack of trust in the marriage from the beginning, it helps to state how you would like to divide anything if you decide to divorce. Doing this when there is no dispute is often easier than doing it when there are already disagreements at a personal level.

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