Selecting Halo Engagement Rings: Consider The Basics

There are many different reasons why people select the halo style of engagement rings. These rings come in an amazing selection of styles, designs and options, but they all feature the same general style and design elements. The classic halo engagement rings are truly breathtaking, and they will always be in style and in demand.

The basic style of all halo engagement rings is a larger central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamond chips. This can include pavé diamonds in the band and on the setting, literally creating a continual reflection of light and fire from diamond to diamond in the setting.

Many of the traditional styles of halo rings include round, cushion, princess, Asscher or even a marquise or pear shaped larger diamond. Less commonly you will also see oval, radiant and emerald shaped diamonds, and even a heart shape is possible.

The Balance

The key to choosing a halo style is to look at the cut and the shape of the central stone, and then choose the surrounding smaller diamonds to create the halo effect. It is essential for the central cut to be high quality to have the deep fire, or the ability to reflect the light internally to create the dazzle that is such as a part of this ring design.

Ideally, the halo on any of these rings should match the shape of the central stone. The halo should surround the stone and add to the design; it should not overwhelm or take the center stage.

However, it is also important not to choose a ring with too small of a halo. This can look lost or simply make the ring look busy or cluttered without adding that definitive style.

The Advantage

The cut, color and clarity of the diamond have a very large impact on the price. By selecting the best quality of cut, color and clarity in the central stone, and then surrounding it with the multi-diamond look of the halo, it is possible to give a smaller center stone a much bigger look.

Additionally, with all halo engagement rings, choosing the right wedding band will be critical. The shape of these rings often favors a shaped band or a wedding band that fits under the central part of the ring, creating a very stylized and beautiful look while also allowing the bands to sit close together on the finger.

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