Government, Business, and Trade Association Awards Washington DC

Giving awards is a cultural practice at all levels of society. From a small town’s 5th grade spelling bee winner to the Best Leading Actress of 2016, winners receive not just applause or even prize money. They also receive a physical token of recognition that has relatively little monetary value, such as a trophy or plaque. Yet, these physical reminders have great value in the eyes of their recipients.

The U.S. government uses awards in many ways. Military personnel, for example, are eligible to receive medals for outstanding service, such as the Purple Heart or the Bronze star. There is a long list of awards for military personnel and a longer list for civilians. These include ribbons for such achievements as the Presidential Youth Fitness Award, and the Congressional Space Medal of Honor for astronauts. Receiving an award from the U.S. president would be a great honor, and the token would surely be a prized possession and heirloom.

Businesses use awards as motivational tools for their employees. Awards can be an effective way of shaping a business’s direction. By recognizing desire efforts, for example, increasing sales, or behaving ethically, or solving problems creatively, the company can highlight what it wants from employees in an entirely positive way. In addition, showing recognition to employees increases motivation and productivity, and it boosts overall morale.

Trade association awards in Washington, DC are a means of recognizing desired characteristics of a profession itself. For example, the American Gem Trade Association gives out annual awards for excellence in jewelry design. By recognizing a few of its members, the association seeks to improve the quality of the profession overall. In addition, winning a trade association award can boost a company’s or an individual’s reputation and increase sales.

If you are looking into developing or expanding a recognition program for your organization, you will find an array of products that can serve as trophies. You can choose a design from a catalog, or you can have a custom design made that will best represent the meaning and purpose of the award.

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