Restore your smile with dentures

If your teeth have reached the point where they are beyond repair and restoration then your dentist will suggest that they be extracted and replaced with dentures in Panama City, FL. There are a number of reasons why the dentist may suggest this route, the teeth may be broken, have fractured roots or decay where even a root canal is not a viable option.

There are two types of dentures available for the dentist to employ; full and partial. In the case of a full or complete denture there will be no teeth remaining in either the upper or lower arch; partial dentures can be used when there are only one or more missing teeth in either dental arch. Partials use clips, either metal or ceramic that grasp and anchor on to the teeth that remain thus giving the partial denture considerable stability.

Managing with your new dentures:

For the first few months you will have considerable lifestyle adjustments to make, until you become comfortable with the dentures and gain confidence you will want to stick to eating softer foods that are not difficult to chew. You may also notice a change in your speech patterns but these little issues soon go away.

When you are first fitted for Dentures In Panama City, FL your gums will have not yet shrunk completely, consequently you will find that the dentures loosen, causing them to click when you speak or eat. If they become really loose they can fall out of the arch. The dentist will have you back so that the denture can be relined. A relining is a reshaping of the denture to the charged profile of the dental arch; it is done by adding more acrylic to the denture.

In the first few months you may also find that there are irritating pressure points that will need adjustments to eliminate. Having the denture adjusted when it is reasonably new is common and no doubt your dentist will tell you to expect this. With a few adjustments, the dentures will eventually fit perfectly and provide you with great comfort.

Although the dentures are made with artificial materials, they require daily cleaning as if they were natural teeth. They cannot decay but plaque can build up on them and bacteria can be trapped under the denture which will result in tissue irritation and sores.

If you wish to have dentures in Panama City, FL that look natural and life-like then you are invited to contact Personal Attention Dental Center for a consultation.

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