Best Uses for Your Stick Blender

If you have recently acquired a stick blender you might be wondering how to get the most use out of it. Here are some of the best ideas for your new kitchen tool.

Hearty Condiments
It might not have occurred to you to concoct your own condiments however now that you have your stick blender you have to start thinking big. Homemade ketchup is one of the signature sides that make good restaurants great. Used with crisp fries as well as burgers a homemade ketchup can really kick up a meal. Another trademark for many cooks is their barbecue sauce. You can start adding ingredients such as onions, garlic and peppers as well as even richer items such as raisins. The sky’s the limit for creating delectable homemade condiments.

Vegetable Cream Soups
Nothing is more enjoyable on a chilly day than a hearty soup. You can create velvety smooth soups for lunches from broccoli cheese to black bean and pumpkin to cream of tomato. You can also create summer delights such as vichyssoise and spicy Mexican Gazpacho.

Fruit Sauces
Whether you are creating a fruit sauce to top ice cream and other sweet sensations or apple sauce to accompany your best pork recipes, a stick blender is the tool you need. You can create completely smooth sauces or more thick, chunkier sauces depending on the texture required.

Baby Food
You can create delicious, healthy baby food for your little one using fresh ingredients such as fruits and veggies. Yummy delights such as sweet potatoes, berries and apple and sweet peas will be wonderful first foods to help introduce your child to a healthy diet.

Ice Cream
You can also create delicious ice cream treats using your stick blender. Combining fresh cream with fruits, chocolate, nuts, candy or whatever your heart desires, you can create your own mouth watering concoctions the whole family and guests will love. Come up with your own signature flavors once you find the base recipe that works best for you.

Dips and Dressings
You can also create luscious dips such as guacamole, cheese dips for crackers and yummy dips to be used with veggies. You can also create delicious homemade salad dressings blended right in the jar you can store them in before placing them in the fridge. The possibilities are endless with your new stick blender.

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