Restore Confidence to Your Smile With Crowns in Oklahoma City

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Dentistry

Not everyone knows what is meant when a dentist refers to a “crown.” Here’s a hint: It doesn’t go on your head!

A crown is a laboratory manufactured cap for a tooth that is made from extremely strong composite material or porcelain. It completely covers the patient’s tooth for which it was made, protecting and strengthening it. It covers all the way to the gum line.

There are a number of circumstances in which a dentist is likely to call for Crowns in Oklahoma City. A dentist will put a crown on a tooth that has become weakened in some way. It might, for example, have had significant decay, or be cracked or otherwise stressed. Sometimes a tooth might be extremely worn, perhaps from age or because the patient grinds his teeth. Sometimes teeth become worn because of acid reflux, bulimia, or simply from eating too much hard/acidic candy.

When a person has extremely discolored or misshapen teeth, he or she might wish to ask for a crown to be placed over the existing tooth to improve its appearance. This is a request that any good dental firm such as Baumann and Lanman Dentistry will be more than happy to accommodate. Other reasons for getting crowns include holding dental implanted teeth in place as well as to hole a bridge in place. Teeth that have undergone a root canal procedure are fundamentally weakened, and most of the time a dentist will desire to place a crown over any tooth that has had a root canal procedure performed on it.

Crowns once were manufactured in a manner similar to sculpture, using the dental impressions and the lost wax process in order to make an anatomically correct mold. Today crowns can be made using CAD (computer aided design) software programs that can digitally program the crown to be made to the perfect specifications needed for your mouth. As with most disciplines, computers are an ever greater part of the crown and bridge manufacture and specification process. As a result, the crowns are ever more appropriate for the habitat of an individual’s mouth, and improved appearance as well as functionality are the natural results of this innovation.

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