Drinking Water Systems are Necessary in Spring

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Plumbing

Drinking water systems are important in many parts of Texas because the water has the presence of chemicals that the EPA classifies as unsafe. There is a big misconception that we obtain enough minerals from drinking water. This is not true because the main source of minerals has always been our diet. To get enough minerals from our drinking water we would need to drink a full bathtub of water everyday. It is essential to have drinking water systems in Spring.

Most water contains only inorganic minerals, and these minerals can cause problems to human health. The body cannot easily process inorganic minerals, and what the body cannot absorb may be stored in our tissues and organs. They will ultimately become toxic to the body.

The primary inorganic mineral that should be avoided is calcium salts. Over time these can result in gallstones, bone and joint calcification, arthritis, kidney stones, and hardening and blocking of our arteries. Long term exposure to toxic or radioactive minerals poses the risk of organ failure. Cancer could also be a consequence of consuming toxic or radioactive minerals that are found in tap and natural spring water.

Many people believe that well water is safe to drink. This is not true because samples of Texas well water have revealed the presence of many inorganic substances. No one can be absolutely certain what these chemicals will do to the body, but it is clear that the Federal Government considers water unsafe with these inorganic compounds in it. The body has a difficult time processing inorganic minerals.

Houston gets its water from the Trinity River, the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston. The 22,083 water quality tests conducted by Texas between 2004 and 2007 showed the water supply to be one of the ten worst in the U.S.

Myers Plumbing Services can provide a system that works for your home. There are several types of water purification systems on the market, but it is important to recognize that the term “purification” is not quite adequate in describing what these systems do. Many of the systems eliminate most of the foreign particles, and many eliminate most of the dangerous minerals. However, make certain that the system you buy is the system you need.


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