Replacing Teeth With Dentures

It is not surprising that diseases get more common as people age.  This is also true with diseases of the mouth.  Over time, teeth can get worn down, destroyed by bacteria, and chipped.  These problems can eventually lead to tooth loss involving anywhere from one to all of your teeth.  While there are several different solutions that you can choose to restore your smile and your ability to chew food, one of the most common that is used is the creation of dentures in Las Vegas to replace the teeth that are missing.

When you think about dentures, you probably think about old people who have lost all of their teeth and they have to put their teeth into a cup of water at night.  This image may be common because of the movies, but it is far from the truth of what dentures really do.  Dentures in Las Vegas can actually be used for people of any age, and do not always involve the loss of all of the teeth.  Dentures refer to any apparatus that is designed to fill a

space where a tooth is missing.  There are actually 2 main types of dentures: fixed and removable.  Fixed dentures do not provide the ability to remove the false tooth, known as a pontic, where with removable dentures, you can take the tooth completely out.  Fixed dentures are also known as bridges and involve putting a crown on the teeth adjacent to the open space and connecting a false tooth between.  Removable dentures on the other hand are not directly attached to the other teeth in your mouth.  These are typically held in by a retainer, if you have teeth, or by adhesive that attaches the material to your gums temporarily.

Regardless of which type of dentures in Las Vegas you have, you need to realize that they require special care to keep clean.  With removable dentures, you will be able to remove the apparatus and clean it.  This is typically done at night by placing them into a cleaning solution that is designed to kill bacteria.  When you have a fixed denture, you will need to use a special brush to get between the false tooth and the guns to make sure there is no food or bacteria hiding there.  Keeping your dentures clean will allow you to get the most life out of them as possible.

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