Lost or Had Your Auto Tags Stolen? Here’s How to Replace them

by | Aug 14, 2012 | Law Services

Auto tags are normally fastened on the body of the vehicle at the front and rear. If you don’t fasten securely, one of the tags may get lose and fall off without you noticing. This can bring you problems with the law. Every vehicle driven on American roads is supposed to display license plates. In rare cases, theft of these plates may occur. In both situations, you will be required to seek for a replacement.

A license plate identifies a motor vehicle. Each newly registered automobile gets a number that is unique. The Department of Motor Vehicles keeps a data base of all cars registered in the country. This information is very useful in the event of accidents, theft or burglary. The law stipulates that license plates be displayed on all vehicles. Replacement of auto tags Philly is not a difficult process. Once you notice that one of your tags is missing, you must contact DMV offices in your area urgently.

Here’s how to go about the process of replacing lost or stolen auto tags.

  • Report the incident immediately to the police. They will raise an alert to other units so that no other person drives around while using your license plates. The burglar might be part of a criminal gang who go committing crimes all over. The plates might be spotted by a witness or be captured on CCTV camera at a crime scene. This can land you into trouble if you had not reported it before. Reporting also hastens the process of getting a replacement.

  • Schedule a visit to the local DMV office. You should do so in person and carry with you a driver’s license, identification documents and any other form of ID issued by the government. If only one plate was lost, bring the remaining one. Anything that can prove you are the owner of that vehicle will greatly assist your cause. It also makes the process if filling in auto tags Philly replacement paperwork easy.

  • You will be issued with a form. Fill it out completely while giving as much information as is possible. Indicate your full names, postal and residential address, insurance details, make and model of the vehicle as indicated on the log book. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires to stipulate what caused the loss of the auto tags. Attach a copy of the report made at the police station.

  • Upon payment of the requisite fee, you will be issued with temporary auto tags. You are supposed to use the temporary plates pending issue of a permanent replacement. The waiting period can take a few weeks or even months. Keep checking for the progress if you feel that it has taken too long.

The process of replacing lost or stolen auto tags in Phillymay vary from one state to another. However, even with the variations, you will still follow the steps described above. Go to our website.

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