Recognizing A Debt Crisis – Important Factors From 4 Pillars Professionals

Debt is often described as a mountain that seems too high to climb or an ocean that seems too big to swim. People often talk about feeling drowned in debt, with increasing levels of stress and anxiety that seem endless.

One of the reasons debt is so problematic is the impact it has on all aspects of life. Notices constantly come in the mail, through email and text messages, and those stressful debt collection calls. It can overwhelm your life, adding stress to relationships, limiting your ability to do the things you like, and creating a feeling of isolation.

Services from 4 Pillars assist individuals and couples to get out of debt. Early acknowledgment of the issue is a key factor in having options to consider rather than limitations due to the amount of debt. Recognizing the looming debt crisis is the first step in reaching out for help from a 4 Pillars debt consultant.

Carrying a balance on credit cards – credit cards are not bad to have, and they are a necessity for many people. However, when credit card debt is carried from month to month, it continues to grow, adding to the overall debt load.

Partial or missed payments – missed payments on vehicle loans, mortgages, and other types of secured or unsecured debt are a problem. These types of missed or partial payments result in interest rate hikes, penalties, and additional fees on the account.

Ignoring the issue – debt does not go away. Ignoring the warning signs and avoiding communications from creditors is a clear indicator of a true debt crisis.

Working with the team at 4 Pillars provides options to manage your debt. Reaching out for assistance is the first step in addressing the issue and moving forward.

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