Choosing Residential Painting in Naperville IL

Interior painting is a project that can easily and quickly rejuvenate a home’s appearance, and the time/money investment is comparatively small when hiring a professional. By following the six tips given below, homeowners can find the right residential painting in Naperville, IL.

Check for Lead Paint

If a home was built pre-1978, the homeowner should hire a lead expert before work begins. Some old homes have multiple layers of paint, and the bottom-most layers can contain lead. This type of paint needs to be carefully removed before repainting begins.

Prep the Surface Carefully

Proper prep work lays the foundation for the whole job; if it’s done right, the paint will live up to its potential. If it’s done wrong, even the most expensive paint will peel, crack and chip. Before work can begin, the contractor should make necessary repairs, and the homeowner should clean dirty areas on walls, as grease and soap scum can inhibit paint adhesion.

Hire a Painting Pro

The painter’s contract should list what will be done and what kind of paint will be used. The papers should include information on surface preparation, priming, paint brand and number of coats. Customers should get several price quotes before choosing Residential Painting in Naperville, IL.

Ask About Hidden Fees

The removal of heavy furnishings may not be part of the free estimate and if a homeowner can’t move a piece, they should ask if there will be additional fees. Moreover, painting high ceilings, walls, baseboards and crown molding can result in increased costs.

Choose a Color

When a homeowner chooses a paint color, they should do so with an eye toward the room’s intended usage. Darker colors tend to make rooms look smaller, while lighter colors can open up even the smallest spaces. Test colors by buying small cans of paint, using them to paint small swatches before examining them in various lighting conditions. The homeowner should choose neutral hues if they plan to sell the home.

Choosing a Finish

If a home’s walls have imperfections, they should consider flat paint. However, this type of paint is tricky to clean. Eggshell finishes have a slight sheen, which is ideal for imperfect walls, but these paints hold up better with repeated cleanings. The higher the shine, the more the paint will endure vigorous scrubbing.

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