Reasons to Keep Your Pet Well-Groomed

Residents who are looking for Pet Grooming in Lombard , need to know that grooming your pet isn’t just about making sure that they look good. Grooming your pet is essential to keeping them healthy, and showing that they are well-loved. Both cats and dogs need to be shampooed and brushed on a regular basis. Dogs and cats with longer hair, will need to visit a professional groomer as well. Fur that becomes matted, and dirty, can cause serious health problems for your beloved animal; read on below to find out why it is so important to groom your pets on a regular schedule.

If the animal’s fur becomes too matted, it traps oil, dirt, and other bacteria under the skin, and can lead to painful infections. Matted fur can eventually affect your pet’s ability to see, walk, and even eat normally.

Every dog needs to be shampooed often, the frequency of these baths can be determined by knowing what breed and what type of lifestyle the dog leads. For example, a dog that stays indoors at all times, doesn’t have to be bathed as often as a dog that runs on the beach every day. Make sure that you always use a shampoo that is designed for pets, human shampoo will do nothing but dry out your pet’s skin, and make their coat dull, and lifeless looking.

You need to trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis, again this isn’t just for looks. A pet with nails that are too long will eventually become painful, and affect their ability to walk. Long nails on a pet will also damage your floors, furniture, and any clothing that they happen to snag on.

If you are not at all sure on how to trim your pet’s nails, and just don’t have time to groom them the way that you should, you should check out Pet Grooming in Lombard, and see if you can find a pet groomer who will meet your needs. Grooming your pet is part of being a responsible pet owner, so make sure that if you are going to have a pet, you groom on a regular basis.

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